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Future Fund Land Trust 1357 Bardstown Road Louisville, KY 40204  ph.502-384-5346  fax: 502-384-5348

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Future Fund Endowment

The sole purpose of the Future Fund Endowment is to he the fundraising arm to assist in land acquisitions and long term land agreements either thru easements or rental agreements.  In addition, the Endowment will acquire strategic land to help complete the overall mission of the Future Fund Land Trust.

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Henry Historical Trust

Newly established, The Henry Historic Trust was established to preserve and restore historic Kentucky landmarks for future generations.

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The History of the Future Fund Land Trust

The Future Fund Land Trust was established by Dr. Stephen L. Henry in 1993 during his term as County Commissioner and philanthropist Mary Bingham.  The trust was established with the goals of establishing a 10,00 acre conservation overlay to protect the Floyds Fork Watershed from encroachment .

Vickers House
The Future Fund Land Trust negotiates with MSD to save a piece of history...Vickers.html
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Hillside Terrace
Future Fund Land Trust Purchases the Northern Section of Hillside Terrace

This week the Future Fund Land Trust purchased 7 lots and adjoining 7 acres of hillside ridge line overlooking Floyds Fork...Hillside_Terrace.html
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